Asian pears are crunchier than regular pears with a combine flavor of apples and pears. Asian pears are a good source of vitamin C and fiber.

Crisp, grainy, slightly sweet and juicy, Asian pears are delicious.  Varying in size and color form gold to green, there are over 100 varieties of Asian pears.  Some are smooth skinned, while others are dappled with russet spots.  Asian pears are available from late summer through early fall.

Ripe Asian pears are hard.  Choose the most fragrant pears available.  Store ripe pears in the refrigerator.  They wil last up to 2 weeks.

Asian pears may be eaten peeled or unpeeled.  All but the slim center core is edible.  If they are to eaten raw, serve them chilled.  When sliced paper-thin, the nectar surfaces on each slice.  when cooked, the flavor of Asian pears intensifies and the flesh remains firm.