A pale center is surrounded by emerald flesh., flecked with tiny black edible seeds.  the taste has been likened to a combination of cantaloupe, strawberry and citrus.  Kiwifruit, originally an export of New Zealeand, was named for their famous kiwi bird.  It is available year-round.

Choose fruit with unbrowken and unbrusied skin.  A ripe kiwifruit yields to gentle pressure.  Most kiwis are sold hard and must be ripened at home.  Ripen at romm temperature, out of the sun.  Refrigerate ripe kiwifruit for up to 1 week,

Peel skin with a sharp knife or a vegtable peeler.  Slice crosswise.  Kiwifruit will not discolor when wxposed to the air and are pa perfect choice for salads or garnish.  Heating is not recommended, as the kiwifruit turns and unappetizin shade of olive green.

Kiwi fruit is high in vitamin C and a good source of fiber.